Like many people, Brendan used poetry and creative writing as an outlet for his feelings. This page features writings by Brendan and others, and we hope you find them inspirational and thought-provoking.

* * *

Brenda visiting orphanage in Jamaica


by Brendan Tobin

Jamaica, Mustard Seed Orphanage Service Trip – April 2014

The simplest things in life

do not have to be big

they can be a smile

or a laugh

maybe even a tear of joy.

Someone can help

someone else

or give money.

In the moment

it’s the thought

that counts.

Immersed within the Jamaican community

you see diverse

groups of people

Ones who can speak

and others who cannot.

Some might be tied down

while others are free

But when they are with us

They have a smile.

Laughing, smiling, and playing together

Everyone making it better

At the end of the day

and we say good-bye

they come over and give us hugs

not letting go

and always making it last

even in the silence of solitude.