Brendan Tobin Memorial Fund

Brendan Tobin playing pianoOur son Brendan was a compassionate young man who loved to help others, sing, play cards and chess, run Spartan Races, and play ultimate frisbee. He also experienced anxiety and depression. Diagnosed with ’47, XXY’ also known as Klinefelter Syndrome, neuro-psych tests revealed socio-cognitive, expressive language, executive function, impulse and inhibitory control issues. He was sensitive, a bit shy, several years less mature than his peers, and struggled socially.

Despite his vulnerabilities, Brendan was moving forward to meet his many challenges. Yet we lost him to suicide at age nineteen.  Our hearts are broken and our scars will never fully heal but as our deep love for our son continues, so does our determination to help other boys who struggle with challenges they face due to Klinefelter Syndrome. (

The Brendan Tobin Memorial Fund was set up to raise money for a clinic for Klinefelter Syndrome/47, XXY at a major hospital in the Boston, MA area. Thanks to your generous donations so far, such a clinic has now been established at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. This clinic will draw from an expert medical community of informed pediatricians, endocrinologists, reproductive experts, speech therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and others in the medical realm, and will care for males from birth through adulthood.

The clinic is just beginning to grow, and we are continuing to raise money to fund a part-time social worker at the clinic, as well as more research studies into social cognition, maturity, executive function, language disorders & mental health. These resources are so important in dealing with Klinefelter Syndrome, and we hope that as the clinic expands, more young people like Brendan can be helped in the years to come.


Klinefelter Syndrome is a Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy that occurs in 1 in 500-650 boys. Along with other brain function challenges, which vary by person, 60-70% of males with 47, XXY suffer from anxiety and/or depression. As it is a syndrome, symptoms vary by individual though infertility, taller stature, longer arms and legs, weak bones, weak muscle tone, lack of muscle development or facial hair, weak tooth enamel, lower energy, and other physical, hormonal, neuro-cognitive, psychiatric, and social issues seem to occur in many. Testosterone replacement therapy is usually begun in puberty but studies so far show that testosterone replacement therapy still doesn’t seem effective in addressing some of the psychosocial and other brain issues. In some boys, speech delays, immaturity (4-5 years less than their actual age), expressive language, executive function, inhibitory control, impulse control, sensitivity (both sensory and over-emotional reactions), reading and other learning disabilities including ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as Epilepsy and higher risks for diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid problems, and high cholesterol can all exist along with Klinefelter’s making life even more challenging.

Brendan Tobin at the Spartan RacesThe earlier a diagnosis is made, the better the chance a young boy has for a happy, successful life. Currently, the nearest clinic is well outside New England. This new clinic will be invaluable to so many boys and their families and help increase their quality of life physically and emotionally—and potentially make all the difference. Thank you for your generosity.

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