Blue Skies - Remembering Brendan Tobin

Brendan Tobin

Brendan Tobin was a brave and selfless young man who left this world too soon. Like a skipping stone over a still lake, his life caused huge ripples in many lives. Nineteen years is too brief a life, but in those years, he accomplished so much and helped so many.

The Brendan Tobin Memorial Fund is being established to continue Brendan's lifelong ambition of helping those less fortunate. Contributions will support the many causes that Brendan cared about, and a new website will be coming soon with full details.

To make a donation in memory of Brendan, send a check made out to:

Brendan Tobin Memorial Fund/ECCF

Mail or deliver to:

Essex County Community Foundation
175 Andover Street
Danvers, MA 01923

And thank you for your support!

Even  After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth,  “You owe me.”  Look  What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky.   					by Hafiz 					from The Gift



Learn more about Brendan:

Read A Celebration of Our Son, Brendan Christopher Tobin, by Marie and Tim Tobin